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Emergency Gate Repairs in Reading, Berkshire

Is your gate experiencing issues? If so, we offer emergency gate repairs in Reading, Berkshire. If your gates aren’t performing well and are malfunctioning, we will call out for a set fee and investigate the problem. We will then base your quote on the repair and begin the process.

We ensure a fast and reliable response to your gate concern and aim to solve your problem within the initial visit. Let us know beforehand all the problems you are experiencing in as much detail as possible so we can help you to the best of our ability. This includes a rough timeline of the issues, if your gates were damaged, and gate features.

We don’t just repair gates but intercoms and automation too. Everyone needs security and privacy, whether that’s keeping confidential information safe or keeping out unwanted guests from your property. We encourage you to reduce these risks with The Gate Company.

We guarantee our experienced and accredited SafeContractor team will find an effective solution. Call us today for efficient gate repairs in Reading, Berkshire.

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Expert Gate Servicing in Reading, Berkshire

When was the last time you had your gates checked? If you can’t remember, our expert gate servicing in Reading, Berkshire is for you. Your gates are prone to erosion after years of constant use, where automation starts to slow and aesthetics wear off.

If you see these signs, have us call out for a set fee and check for any damage, preparing a quote before undertaking repairs. We endeavour to take out repairs same-day, but may have to return if the repair is bigger than expected.

It’s highly important to regularly service your gates, even if they seem to be in perfect working order. Not only could a failed automation stop you getting into your property, it puts those inside at further risk if an emergency occurs.

Wondering how often you should service your gates? Residential gates are used two to four times a day on average, and should be serviced once a year. Whereas, commercial or high-traffic gates should be checked 2 to 4 times annually.

Don’t wait until your gates fail, contact us today for an expert gate servicing in Reading, Berkshire by our Gate Safe team.

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