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Electric Gates High Wycombe


A common gate struggle is constantly leaving your vehicle to open and close your gates. Wouldn’t it be easier if they were automatic and the pavement could remain unblocked? With our electric gates in Camberley, you no longer have that problem.

In addition, we can fit bespoke smart sensors to ensure safety at any given time. Whether it’s to stop your dog chasing the squirrels or something else blocking your gates, they will identify that motion and halt movement.

As the leading gate company of the south, we prides ourselves on an efficient and incomparable product. We will take your property and design aspirations into account before manufacturing your perfect gate. Then, we’ll complete the installation at a suitable time for you in just 3 to 12 weeks.

Be it wooden gates, automatic or a mixture of both, we have something for everyone. Or, if your current gates are malfunctioning, we can offer a detailed service and repair. Contact us to learn more about electric gates in Camberley.

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Metal Gates High Wycombe

Extra Security

What better way to protect your property than investing in metal gates in Camberley? There are many residential builds home to this large town, but unfortunately, it has one of the highest crime rates in Surrey.

However, with our gates, there’s no need to worry about trespassers or damage. We can install locking mechanisms, spike features or tall gates for maximum security. In addition, we are Gate Safe and SafeContractor registered in both installation, and health and safety.

Additional Privacy

Whether you need new gates or an electric upgrade, our bespoke solutions ensure you keep strangers out and pets in. The bonus? No one can use your driveway as their personal parking spot anymore.

But if there’s one thing anyone living on a busy street or luxury estate could change, is the amount of people looking into your property. While they may be attracted to the brightness of your TV, others are curious whether you are home. To feel more secure and comfortable in your home, we can design blackout gates to keep the divide.

We offer a free quote and in-depth fabrication process from start to finish. Call us today to discuss your brand new metal gates in Camberley, and visit our gallery for inspiration.

If you want to protect your High Wycombe home or commercial property, automatic gates can often be a significant deterrent for anyone who might potentially want to invade the property.

There is also the added peace of mind in knowing that children and pets can be safely kept within the boundaries of your home and garden. As an extra bonus, some insurers also factor in security when it comes to deciding on the price of your cover, so there is also the possibility of an increased discount.

With automatic gates you won’t have strangers opening your gate and using it to turn around their vehicle in your High Wycombe based driveway. Furthermore it’s harder for people to look into your home. It may seem like a little thing but does make it easier to relax knowing you have a little bit more privacy.

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Additional value

If you have a property in High Wycombe, there is always the consideration of what you might want to do in the future if you need to sell it. Automatic gates provide extra kerb appeal that can add to the value of your property and increase the chances of people paying market value and above.

First impressions count

It is not just High Wycombe properties that benefit from the additional visual style that come with professionally fitted automatic gates. If you run a business in the High Wycombe local area then you want people to have a good impression. The outside of your commercial premises is often the first thing people see, so it helps to add a little bit of style before they even set foot in your building.

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Residential Wooden Gate

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Easier Access

The great thing with automatic gates is that they are easier to operate than one you have to open manually. If you work long hours it is one less task to worry about. It is also beneficial if you have to look after children and don’t want to leave them in the car.

Another major issue regarding the benefit of using automatic gates is when it comes to mobility. If someone has mobility issues then they may not necessarily always have carers available or will want to have some degree of freedom.

Easier access via automatic gates allows them to explore more of High Wycomobe without worrying about whether or not they will be able to get into their home when they get back or if someone has to be there to let them in.

In short automatic gates offer a greater degree of additional security, aesthetic quality, privacy and ease of access and with a professional High Wycombe fitter in your local area you can be sure you will get the best possible quality in terms of both product and service in the local High Wycombe area.

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