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Expert Electric Gate Installation in Reading, Berkshire

Are you tired of pulling up into your driveway, only to get out of your car multiple times to open and close your gate? If that’s the case, consider our expert electric gate installation in Reading, Berkshire.

Electric gates have many benefits, the best knowing you can stay in the comfort of your vehicle while your gates open at the push of a button. Not to mention the hassle of unauthorised visitors on your property not covered by insurance. Electric gates ensure added security and safety, preventing accidents with smart sensors that identify objects and stop the gate from closing or opening.

For the added bonus of privacy whenever you need it, call us for expert electric gate installation in Reading, Berkshire.

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Residential Metal Gate

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Professional Electric Gate Service in Reading, Berkshire

Do you require our electric gate service in Reading, Berkshire? As one of the top gate companies in the south, we strive to provide a professional and high-end product every time. With every job carefully planned, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We have a wide range of materials, colours, finishes, and gate types to choose from, including barrier, swing, and track and cantilever sliding gates. Whether it be wooden or metal electric gates, we are always happy to help.

Your satisfaction is our goal, so we will work tirelessly to ensure your new gates fit your needs. Once signed off, we’ll deliver and install the gates on a date and time that works best for you, even if you’re at work or the premises are closed for the night to reduce disruption.

Our electric gate service in Reading, Berkshire, is always professional and supplied by our expert team. For gates that are made to last and won’t break even in the harshest of weather, contact us today.

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Residential Metal Gate

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    • Do Electric Gates Add Value To A House?

      Yes, electric gates add value to your house in more than one sense. Not only can they increase your property market value, but they can also add to the perceived value thanks to their smart features and luxurious design.

    • Are Electric Gates Energy Efficient?

      Yes, electric gates use little energy when properly installed. Smart controls and sensors all help to reduce your electricity usage.

      With residential gates, it’s very unlikely that your annual household electric bill will increase more than £20 to £30 a year.

    • How Do I Maintain An Electric Gate?

      You should get your gate serviced on a regular basis by a competent gate engineer. Even if you think it is in full working order, there may be something that you have not spotted. A service can prolong the lifespan of your gate as well.

    • Are Electric Gates Safe?

      Electric gates are very safe when installed and functioning properly. Smart features can detect when there is an obstruction, and manual overrides can be used in case of power failure. By regularly maintaining your electric gate, and getting it serviced often, you can ensure your electric gate is in good working order.

      At The Gate Company, we are both Gate Safe and SafeContractor accredited, offering you further peace of mind.

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