If you want to protect your home or commercial property, automatic gates can often be a significant deterrent for any unwanted guests.

There is also the added peace of mind in knowing that children and pets can be safely kept within the boundaries of your home and garden.

As an extra bonus, some insurers also factor in security when it comes to deciding on the price of your cover, so there is also the possibility of an increased discount.

Had a electric gate issue all the remote stop working  then connected with so many local companies everyone got week appointment then found on Google the gate company and spoken to JAMES. Explained the issue and he gave me 4 hour slot and when he came under hour found & fixed the issue with very reasonable price very good service. Highly recommended company thanks to JAMES.

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    The cost of Electric gates can vary a lot depending type, swing gates or sliding gates. The material the gates are constructed from, softwood, hardwood or steel. Each type and material has its own advantages and disadvantages and every installation will require something different. The Average cost of electric gates is between £7000 and £10000

    Electric gates use very little electricity and given average use are unlikely to raise your electricity bill by even a few pounds a month.

    Electric gates can be a great addition to a property if done right, they can increase your property value, add security and improve the overall look and feel of a property.

    Some electric gates have adjustment on the hinges these can be easily adjusted with an adjustable spanner. This can help if the gate have moved due to ground movement or movement in natural products. If you are unsure or uncomfortable doing the adjustments, contact an engineer

    On installation your engineer will provide you with a full system demonstration this will in instructions on opening the gates manually. For an older system you may require a site visit from an engineer.